Welcome to Pacific Iceberg

Posted June 30, 2014

Welcome to the Pacific Iceberg website. This site is dedicated to God's work and our mission as a family to focus on God's "Great Commission" and create a floating vessel and opportunity that can be sent to spread HIS word wherever He sees fit. As a single family or with dozens of families, we feel we can make a large impact whereever we go. We want to provide prayers, Bible's, food, clothing, fix and build homes, churches, repair roofs, and provide as much assistance as we can. We have been preparing this for years and there is no time like the present to move forward and do HIS work.

Disassemble and move the barge event!

The barge was disassembled partially in January and stored on land until we were ready to rebuild it. Well the good news is we are ready to rebuild it. But first we need to completely take apart the rest of the barge and clean up the supplies and take it back to the construction site so we can rebuilt it and get into the water. This is going to be a HUGE project. We need to separate 70 floats from the wood, and then take out all the nails and screws (many thousands of each) and then put it all on trailers and move it 7 miles down the road. This means we will need to clean up and move over 60,000+ pounds of materials and resources! The crazy part is we need to do this 2 times (once to get the trucks loaded and another time to get them unloaded) We are asking for help for Tuesday and Wednesday July 15,16. We will be starting at 8:00 am each day and go until around 6:00 pm. Some youth groups will be arriving around 10:00 each morning but the rest of us will start at 8:00 am. Please visit "Up Coming Events" link on the left for more details.

Oregon Update...

 Posted June 30, 2014

It is now July and we are on our way to rebuilding the barge. We are working with a production company and a major network and we are hoping to make this a televised event. This is an amazing opportunity to be able to share our missions work, our faith and our project with millions of people around the world. This will be an amazing opportunity to share with the rest of the world what BIG FAITH looks like. There is no way we can do this on our own and we know the local communities and churches will help us build this and be part of something amazing.

We will be moving to a new place to live soon while we rebuild the missions barge. We are asking the community if they know of a place we can rent for a few months, where we can stay until we have enough of the barge built to move on to it. We would love it to be in Garibaldi or near where we are going to be rebuilding it. If you know of a place that can support a family of 12 for a few months please contact us at mmdad2012@gmail.com or 503.812.356.

Please visit our Funny Pictures page and see some things we have already done up here. Denise is updating our story on the Blog page and we will update it a few times every week from here on out. We are keeping many older posts and links, so we can use it as a time line so we can track when we first started many of these awesome events..

Contact us at mmdad2012@gmail.com or 503.812.3561