Welcome to Pacific Iceberg

Posted by EddieJanuary 10th, 2013


Welcome to the Pacific Iceberg website. This site is dedicated to God's work and our mission as a family to focus on God's "Great Commission" and create a floating vessel and opportunity that can be sent to spread HIS word wherever He sees fit. As a single family or with dozens of families, we feel we can make a large impact whereever we go. We want to provide prayers, Bible's, food, clothing, fix and build homes, churches, repair roofs, and provide as much assistance as we can. We have been preparing this for years and there is no time like the present to move forward and do HIS work.

Monday Disassemble barge day!!!

We are at anchored at Bay City now and are in the process of taking the barge apart. We are looking for volunteers to help us disassemble and help remove the supplies from the water and onto trailers and to a storage area just 9 miles away. We are asking for help for Monday January 13, and Tuesday the 14th. We will be starting at 8:00 am each day and go until around 6:00 pm. Please visit "Up Coming Events" link on the left for more details.

Oregon Update...

Posted by Eddie January 10th, 2013


It is December and we have finally moved out to the bay. Thanks to the OLD Mill RV Park and staff for allowing us many awesome months building our barge on their docks. Do to insurance reasons the docks were deemed to dangerous and needed to be taken down so we had to move. Fortunately we have built enough of the barge to move it safely. We are currently in Phase 2 of our project. Phase 1 of the project was to move to the ocean, get involved with the local community programs and practice building a barge and living on the ocean. Moving a family from Albuquerque, NM to the Oregon Coast is about the exact opposite as you can get. During this Phase 1, we practiced water safety, life jackets, got our boaters Licenses and got used to the new weather. This Phase also was the first part of construction, to build a 20x80 "temporary" Utility shed to live on and move the construction capabilities inside so we can build during the rainy and wet winter months. Some people see pictures of the barge with the giant blue tarp and are worried that is all that is holding it up or that is the final, and tacky project. Both are incorrect assumptions. Under the Blue tarp is full framing housing units based on "T" framing, with plywood walls and roof. The blue tarp is to keep some of the rain and moisture out so we can re-use all of this wood and plywood when it is time to take it all apart. We are on Phase 2 now and have built the 1st of 2 sections, each is 20x80 feet. Once these are built and we move all the living space, construction area and supplies on board, we will be ready for phase 3. Phase 3 is we will take part the 20x80 foot "temporary" utility shed apart and move on to the 40x80 foot single Barge unit. We will wait and see what we will do with the remaining floats for the future,

Lots of Coast Guard people came out to visit us again today and we are working with them to keep everyone safe and taking any help and assistance they give us. We appreciate all they have done and are doing for us.

Please visit our Funny Pictures page and see some things we have already done up here. Denise is updating our story on the Blog page and we will update it a few times every week from here on out. We are keeping many older posts and links, so we can use it as a time line so we can track when we first started many of these awesome events..